The world of compliance and Certifications is forever changing.  This tutorial provides the history behind Certifications around the world along with the latest news, ways and means of obtaining Certifications.  It discusses the USA, Canada, Europe and the international CB Scheme and how it can help companies obtain global Certifications faster and more cost effective.  You’ll get an in depth look at the USA’s NRTL program, helping you understand the various Certification Bodies that participate.  We’ll also bring you to UL’s database of Certified products to help you understand how to navigate finding the right components for your applications.  It provides an overview of Canada’s Standards Council of Canada and the Canadian Certification scheme.  The tutorial also goes in depth explaining Europe’s CE mark. Providing an overview of the various Directives and methods of claiming compliance, how to build a Technical File, what a proper Declaration of Conformity looks like, explanation of an Authorized Representative and when one is needed and what the role entails.  The CB Scheme is also introduced and explained to help those who’s products are destine for global markets.  The information presented in this tutorial will provide attendee’s a solid overview of Certification Schemes around the world.

Presenter Bio

John Allen

IEEE’s Product Safety Engineering Society

Acting President

Product Safety Consulting, Inc.

John Allen is the Founder and President of Product Safety Consulting. In 1988, John’s experience working with one of America’s leading inventors led him to the realization that product designers needed expert advice on not only how to navigate the often confusing and changing product compliance environment, but how to design products with safety and compliance in mind. Over the last 29 years John has obtained worldwide Certifications on a diverse list of product categories including consumer electronics, small and large electrics, lighting, medical, industrial controls, machinery, gas appliances, ITE and many more.

John has sat on several Standards Committee’s has been a part of the IEEE’s Product Safety Engineering Society since 1985, acting as the first Chairman of Chicago Chapter when it was the Product Safety Technical Committee affiliated with the EMC Society. After a few years of hiatus, he is back as Chairman of the PSES Chicago Chapter and Chairman of the PSES Risk Assessment Technical Committee. He was Chair for the PSES’s flagship Symposium ISPCE 2015 and has recently been elected Acting President for 2017 and President for 2018 and 2019.

John often speaks on Certifications to various Trade Associations and Chamber of Commerce.

Today, the company continues to grow, working with small and large companies in many different product categories and John serves as a senior advisor on product safety to a number of global companies.